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Shaoxing Shangyu Flight Seiko Machinery Co., Ltd. (FTM), founded in 2006, is a professional China Cam Follower Bearing Manufacturers and Custom Cam Follower Roller Bearings Factory.And it an enterprise focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and customization of non-standard bearings, high-precision bearings (import substitution) and bearing accessories and mechanical parts. With more than 30 years of technical design experience, FTM has earned reputation in the field of high-quality bearings. Our professional technical team provides domestic and foreign customers with high-quality bearing solutions in engineering machinery, textile machinery and other fields.

Relying on years of professional manufacturing and technical skills, FTM actively introduces advanced CNC machine tools from Japan to ensure product processing accuracy and stability. In addition, FTM bearing product research is guided by a doctor of tribology. We adhere to the corporate philosophy of innovation and development, and our products are exported to many countries and regions around the world. We have long been supporting and producing various types of bearings for many world-renowned companies, maintaining good production relationships. Rotate forever, inherit excellence, and create the future together. Choose FTM, and we will be your choice for bearing solutions.

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Cam Follower Bearing Industry knowledge

1.Definition and functions of Cam Follower Bearing:
Cam Follower Bearing is a type of mechanical bearing commonly used to support and position mechanical components with reciprocating motion. The design of these bearings allows them to move along the cam (or cam track) surface, allowing for precise motion control of mechanical systems.
Support and positioning: The main function of Cam Follower Bearing is to support and position mechanical components so that they can move along the cam trajectory and maintain relative position stability.
Reduced Friction: These bearings, typically using balls or needle rollers, reduce friction by rolling rather than sliding, thereby reducing energy loss and extending the life of the bearing and mechanical system.
Transfer load: Cam Follower Bearing is able to withstand radial loads and axial loads from the mechanical system and transfer these loads to the supporting structure to maintain system stability and reliability.
These bearings are used in many different industries and applications, including but not limited to:
Machine Tools and Industrial Automation: Used to control the movement of robotic arms, slides, and other moving parts.
Transport equipment: for positioning and driving conveyor belts, rollers and conveyor systems.
Automotive industry: For precise control of components such as engines, transmissions and suspension systems.
Aerospace: Used for positioning and control of aircraft engines, landing gear and spacecraft components.

2. Cam Follower Bearing’s manufacturing process and key technologies:
The manufacturing of Cam Follower Bearing involves a series of complex process steps and techniques to ensure the bearings have high precision, strength and stability.
material selection:
The first step in manufacturing Cam Follower Bearing is choosing the right material. High-strength alloy steel or stainless steel is usually used to ensure the stability and durability of the bearings under high loads and harsh environments.
Processing technology:
CNC machining: CNC machine tools are used for precision machining to ensure that the size and shape of the bearings meet the design requirements and to ensure high precision and consistency.
Heat treatment: After heat treatment process, such as quenching, tempering, etc., to improve the hardness and strength of the bearing material, while enhancing its anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.
Surface treatment:
Chrome plating: Through surface treatment processes such as chrome plating, the hardness and smoothness of the bearing surface are improved, reducing friction loss and improving corrosion resistance.
Nitriding treatment: Nitriding treatment can form a high-hardness, wear-resistant nitriding layer on the bearing surface, improving the service life and performance of the bearing.
Assembly process:
A precise assembly process is key to ensuring proper bearing operation. During the assembly process, it is necessary to ensure the correct position and clearance of the internal parts of the bearing to reduce friction and wear and ensure the stability and reliability of the bearing.

3. Development trends and challenges of the Cam Follower Bearing manufacturing industry:
The Cam Follower Bearing manufacturing industry is facing many new development trends and challenges, some of which are driven by technological advancements and changes in market demand.
development trend:
Automated production: With the continuous development of industrial automation technology, Cam Follower Bearing manufacturers will tend to adopt automated production lines and intelligent manufacturing systems to improve production efficiency and quality control levels.
Material and process innovation: In order to meet the requirements of environmental protection and energy efficiency, manufacturers will strive to develop lighter, more durable, and more environmentally friendly materials, and continuously improve production processes to reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions.
Technology upgrading: Cam Follower Bearing manufacturers need to constantly keep up with the latest technology and processes to remain competitive and adapt to changes in market demand.
Global market competition: Global competition has intensified competition in the Cam Follower Bearing manufacturing industry. Manufacturers need to continuously improve product quality and technical level, and expand market share to cope with challenges from domestic and foreign competitors.
Environmental and energy pressure: Environmental protection and energy efficiency requirements pose challenges to the Cam Follower Bearing manufacturing industry, driving innovation in materials and processes. Manufacturers need to make continuous investments and improvements in environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction to meet market and regulatory requirements.

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