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Shaoxing Shangyu Flight Seiko Machinery Co., Ltd. Shaoxing Shangyu Flight Seiko Machinery Co., Ltd.
"Spin eternity, inherit excellence, and create the future together."

Shaoxing Shangyu Flight Seiko Machinery Co., Ltd. (FTM), founded in 2006, is a professional China Casting Parts Manufacturers and OEM/ODM Casting Parts Suppliers.And it an enterprise focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and customization of non-standard bearings, high-precision bearings (import substitution) and bearing accessories and mechanical parts. With more than 30 years of technical design experience, FTM has earned reputation in the field of high-quality bearings. Our professional technical team provides domestic and foreign customers with high-quality bearing solutions in engineering machinery, textile machinery and other fields.

Relying on years of professional manufacturing and technical skills, FTM actively introduces advanced CNC machine tools from Japan to ensure product processing accuracy and stability. In addition, FTM bearing product research is guided by a doctor of tribology. We adhere to the corporate philosophy of innovation and development, and our products are exported to many countries and regions around the world. We have long been supporting and producing various types of bearings for many world-renowned companies, maintaining good production relationships. Rotate forever, inherit excellence, and create the future together. Choose FTM, and we will be your choice for bearing solutions.

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Casting Parts Industry knowledge

1.What effect does the cooling rate of a Casting Parts have on its properties?
The cooling rate of the casting directly affects the internal structure, grain size and final mechanical properties and surface quality of the casting. Cooling rate refers to the cooling time and rate that a casting undergoes during the transition from molten to solid state. The speed of this process determines the formation and arrangement of grains within the casting, which has an important impact on its performance.
Rapid cooling usually results in a smaller and more uniform grain size in the casting. This is because under rapid cooling conditions, the molten metal solidifies rapidly and the grains do not have enough time to grow, thus forming a fine and uniform grain structure. Slow cooling results in larger and less uniform grain sizes. This difference will directly affect the mechanical properties of the casting. Fine grain structures usually have higher strength and hardness, while larger grains may reduce the strength and hardness of the casting.
The cooling rate also affects the deformation and residual stress of the casting. Rapid cooling may result in large temperature gradients within the casting, resulting in large residual stresses and deformations. These internal stresses and deformations can cause problems such as cracking or deformation of the casting. On the contrary, slow cooling can reduce internal stress and deformation, but it may also cause the grain size of the casting to increase, affecting its mechanical properties.
In addition to the internal structure and mechanical properties, the cooling rate also affects the surface quality of the casting. Rapid cooling usually produces a smoother and more detailed surface, but may also increase the development of internal defects such as pores and inclusions. In contrast, slow cooling may result in surface roughness but helps reduce internal defects.
The cooling rate of castings plays an important role in the casting process and needs to be reasonably selected according to specific casting conditions and requirements. On the premise of ensuring the internal structure, mechanical properties and surface quality of castings, the optimized performance and quality of castings can be achieved by reasonably controlling the cooling rate.

2. What effect does the heat treatment of Casting Parts have on their properties?
As an important link in the manufacturing process of castings, heat treatment has a profound impact on the performance and quality of castings. By properly heating and cooling the casting, the heat treatment process can improve the internal structure and physical properties of the casting, thereby improving its performance and reliability.
Heat treatment can optimize the structural structure of castings to make them more uniform and dense. By controlling the heating temperature and cooling rate, the size, shape and distribution of the internal grains of the casting can be adjusted, and internal defects can be eliminated or reduced, thereby improving the mechanical properties of the casting. A fine and uniform grain structure usually has higher strength, hardness and wear resistance, allowing castings to withstand greater loads and challenges in the working environment.
By forming a carbide layer or nitride layer with high surface hardness and strong wear resistance, the surface hardness and wear resistance of the casting can be effectively improved and its service life extended. At the same time, heat treatment can also improve the corrosion resistance of castings, allowing them to operate stably for a long time in harsh working environments.
Heat treatment can also adjust the residual stress in the casting, reducing the risk of deformation and cracking. During the manufacturing process, castings may generate some residual stress, and the heat treatment process can reduce the size and distribution of residual stress by restoring the stress distribution, thereby improving the stability and reliability of castings. This is particularly important for some applications that require high precision and stable performance.

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