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Author: FTM Date: Jun 10, 2024

What is the importance of lubrication methods and selection of needle roller bearings?

Lubrication method:
Oil injection lubrication: Oil injection lubrication is suitable for needle roller bearings running at high speeds. In this method, lubricating oil is injected into the bearing through a high-pressure nozzle, ensuring that the lubricating oil can evenly and quickly cover the contact surface of the needle roller bearing. This lubrication method can effectively reduce friction and wear while avoiding performance degradation caused by excessive oil temperature.
Circulating oil lubrication: Circulating oil lubrication is a more efficient lubrication method. It uses an oil pump to extract lubricating oil from the oil tank and transports it to the needle roller bearing through a pipeline. After lubricating the bearing, it returns to the oil tank through the oil return pipeline. This method can ensure that the needle roller bearings are always fully lubricated during continuous operation and extend the service life of the bearings.

Things to pay attention to when choosing a lubrication method:
Working conditions: When choosing a lubrication method, you must first consider the working conditions of the needle roller bearing. For example, high-speed bearings need to choose a lubrication method that can provide stable and sufficient lubricating oil, such as oil injection lubrication or circulating oil lubrication; while heavy-load, low-speed bearings can choose oil bath lubrication or grease lubrication.
Properties of lubricating oil: The properties of lubricating oil are also important factors to consider when choosing a lubrication method. Different lubricants have different viscosity, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. It is necessary to select the appropriate lubricant according to the working environment and requirements of the needle roller bearing. For example, in high-temperature environments, you need to choose lubricants with good high-temperature resistance and oxidation resistance.
Bearing structure and size: The structure and size of needle bearings will also affect the choice of lubrication method. Some bearings with complex structures and large sizes may not be able to use oil bath lubrication, and other more suitable lubrication methods need to be selected.
Economy and environmental protection: When choosing a lubrication method, you also need to consider economy and environmental protection. Different lubrication methods have different investment and maintenance costs, which need to be selected according to the actual situation of the enterprise. At the same time, the impact of lubricant consumption and disposal on the environment also needs to be considered.

Sealed Needle Roller Bearings

It is a supporting roller bearing with a rear wall outer ring, and the roller can roll directly on the raceway and can withstand large loads. The outer surface of the outer ring of the roller is cylindrical. The two ends are sealed, and the outer ring, needle roller cage assembly, and sealing ring form a complete unit. Synthetic rubber seals are selected on both sides to ensure long-term lubrication, prolong the service life of the product, and improve work efficiency.


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